Friday, September 19, 2008

girly girl.

so i went to the back of aidan's closet and found some of the clothes that we had gotten a long time ago that didn't fit her yet. i found this black and white dress and showed it to her. she said "wow", put it up to her, and then wanted to put it on :) after she put the dress on she got up and made me slow dance with her like we do at the end of "enchanted" at the ball lol so anyways, its still a bit big for her (i think its a 2T) but here are some pics. i love having a girly girl.

ehhh what?

laughing, not crying lol -

hmm i can i put my hand through this bow?

yep sure can!

as a sidenote: these pictures made me realize that i have to clean out the pantry today lol that happens often since aidan likes to go in and bring things to the floor if i forget to shut the door.

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