Monday, September 29, 2008

nothing much.

not much went on yesterday. EJ went with matt around town on their motorcycles and then EJ watched sawyer and aidan and i went up to the mall for the babygap casting call. :)

aidan is such a big girl now. i dont need a stroller or anything with her at the mall. she just holds my hand and walks with me. sigh. its especially funny when we go into stores bc she'll point to clothes that she likes lol

of course sawyer just slept the whole time we were gone - so it was easy breezy for EJ.

today nothing much is happening. aidan is taking a nap right now and sawyer is sleeping, too but prob gonna want to eat in the next 15mins or so. after that - im hoping for a nap for myself. i am tired for no good reason at all.

tonight i think amanda and cory are going to come over for a bit. that will be fun :) aidan loves when friends come over to play with her.


  1. Hey, I entered Thad into the Casting Call! I didn't know you entered Aidan. Are they in the same age category then? Or can we still be friends?


  2. lol we can still be friends. i always enter aidan. duh. they are in the same age group but remember they do 1 boy and 1 girl from that age ;) and holy shat the HUNDREDS or thousands of kids that are entered.