Friday, September 26, 2008

today's plans.

i think today i am going to pack up the terrible two-some and head to target and lunch :) aidan loooves sharing chipotle with me so we'll prob go there. i hope we can get all this done before aidan has to nap. what a crab she is if she doesn't get her nappers in.

tomo night we are going to the stars game. i love sitting in suites. lol we have parking so we'll just have to get there by the time the game starts, then get free dinner, then watch the game. woot. then we are gonna go out with david, his gf, david's sister, and her fiance. :) it should be a good ol time in downtown dallas.

i wish it wasn't so hot and we could go to the park. sigh. aidan would be fine, but its still hot out to just sit there with sawyer. soon though we'll be able to go a lot :)

ok shower time, play time, lunch time, shop time, nap time, play time, EJ time - that is our day.

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