Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 month appt.

so today was sawyer's 2 month appt - she is a BIG girl (compared to aidan lol)

weight - 11lbs 14oz
height - almost 23"
head - i think she typed in 15.5cm (cm? right?)

anyways she only got the DTaP shot. in 2 weeks we go for the prevnar. and then nothing til 4 months where we'll do it the same way. :)

we just finished cleaning and everything for EJ's dad and his wife who are coming in town tonight and staying all wkend. hanging out tomo and sat, they are doing an ironman qualifier on sunday, and then dinner/fun on sunday night :)

ok here are some pics from yesterday!!

sawyer in the tub!! -


aidan reading in her tunnel lol -

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  1. It is amazing how every face Aidan makes tells a story.