Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hello qwerty.

dear EJ,

thank you for running out last night at 7pm to change our service provider and buy new cell phones :) at&t can kiss it for being so damn rude and now they lost 2 customers. also, i love my new BB curve. it is cute and red and i can text like a madman. now, if you could please help me program EVERYONE'S number in my phone, that would be great ;)

love, your wife


  1. Dear Amanda,

    I have the red BB curve as well. Mine has over 100 phone numbers. Please do not try to steal mine and pass it off as yours next week.



  2. dear catherine,

    please give me some of your phone numbers. I have 26 as of today and most of those are drs. and bills. But then i realize i really only call about 5 people total and I feel better about my patheticness.

    yours truly,