Tuesday, October 28, 2008

homecoming wkend.

no srsly. I cannot wait. let me post the run down for ya ;) mainly this is for those who are going to hc2k8 and that way youll know the plans.

friday - get there, aidan lays down for a bit, settle into the hotel, ninfa's for dinner, go back to the hotel and get dressed, pep rally/bonfire.

saturday - parade at 8am, lunch, EJ is going down to saledo to get his (overdue) B and C licenses for skydiving :), game at 2pm (thank heavens for good tix and media parking), nap time, and dinner at probably crickets so we can see friends :)

sunday - who knows. I want to meet up with a lot of people this wkend and if i dont see them by sunday, then sunday will be the day to catch up :) EJ is going to take his own car and he'll be down in saledo again this day to take his paper tests for skydiving.

then we come home for more catherine/amanda/aidan/sawyer/thad fun :)


  1. Wait so Ninfa's is for dinner or HH? What do I do from 11 am til dinner?!? Do I get to be David's date to the game? I def want to be in there for some of it but I know I'll be at George's too because a lot of my friends will be there the whole time. Help, mom.

  2. Catherine (Katie from above, LOL)October 30, 2008 at 7:14 PM

    Don't forget the aidan/sawyer/thad picture time. That is crucial.