Tuesday, January 13, 2009


my post today is of simple sweetness. sawyer fell asleep while her arms OUT of a swaddle today. she was not having it until I gave her the satin side of the lovey (that aidan used to ADORE) and that was that :)


today has been a good day. gym this morning. took my latin fusion class and I love it so much lol then i took the core class, picked the girls up and went home. sawyer took a nap and i gave aidan lunch, then a quick time where they both were asleep until sawyer woke up :) luckily aidan is sleeping today bc last night was not good sleep after basically no nap yesterday. tonight is biggest loser, american idol, salmon, and fun time :) i hope EJ comes home from work early today.

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  1. it looks like there IS hope for her to get un-swaddled!