Thursday, January 8, 2009

so tired and 2 year appt.

aidan had her 2 year appt today :) she was a big girl and much happier after they gave her their tape measure to play with lol she finally got her MMR shot and barely even felt it. and she has been pretty good all day - a little cranky, but nothing major. here are her stats...

weight - 26lbs
height - 34"
head - 19 cm? in? lol whatever it is

tonight we went to nikki's parent's house for a "back to alaska and the army party" for her brother alex. :) we had a great time! and omg, nikki's mom makes the best food *drool*

here are my pics of the day - lol aidan has "who" ;)

playing in the car on the way to the party


not amused

already tired lol

aaaaand resting at the viggiano's lol

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  1. I think it's fairly obvious Aidan's head is measured in inches and not centimeters. Just take a moment to imagine your daughter's head to be 19 cm all the way around.