Monday, June 29, 2009

busy wkend.

friday: ash and i took aidan to play at chikfila while we ate dinner :) she got overheated and then got a balloon. this is when we got home.
aidan with balloon.

aidan with balloon.

aidan overheated.

saturday: my new tattoos that i got on friday night. most of you know the meaning of them. (from photobucket - not flickr)


sunday: tired baby at nate/sammi's bridal shower.
yawn. tired sawyer.

today: holy hair!! this is after her ponytail. whoa.
after ponytail hair.

playing with her new bike (in the kitchen of course - you didnt think it would stay outside!?)
sassy bike rider.

a random bruise from the gym today. sigh.
where'd that bruise come from?

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