Sunday, July 26, 2009

happy birthday EJ and sawyer!

ok - most of my photos are on FB :) but here are some from the EJ/sawyer birthday extravaganza!! :) thank you to all of our friends!! you guys are the best!

posing for the party LOL (p.s. i have no idea what that weird hair is doing).
bday party.

the girls - and please notice aidan's side-eye....
bday party.

splashing daddy with water :)

sitting outside.
bday party.

wanting some food off the snack trays LOL

happy first bday sawyer :)

side-eye to the cake LOL
bday party.

kisses from aidan.

digging in!

the fam after cake.
bday party.

aidan in her hula skirt ;)
bday party.

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  1. So cute... wish my lil' man had been willing to dig into his cake... but he doesn't like to get dirty. Silly boy. Love your pics!
    (fall-love from the nest)