Thursday, July 30, 2009

happy first birthday sawyer!!

today was sawyer's birthday! :) we took some pics and video this morning LOL

she was not really impressed with our enthusiasm.

what you can do:
walk (10.5months)
say "hi"
other words: dada, mama, nana, papa, baba, and tata (ie: give it to me).
copy our actions
understand "no"
eat all finger foods
bend over to pick something up
rolls a ball back and forth
can understand 1 item requests (ie: please hand me your bottle)

you are sassy, you have a temper, you are a quiet listener. you like to judge people and do not give smiles/laughs freely - people have to work for it :) you are like a monkey who clings onto people and you are a cuddle bunny still.

disclaimer: all these pics are kinda "off" in color bc of sawyer's multicolored walls and green leaf - it was impossible to not bounce the flash off of any of it.

huh? im 1?
huh? (sawyer is 1)

still tired (yawn, not a yell lol)
yawn (sawyer is 1)

ehhh what?
eh... what? (sawyer is 1)

going in for a smooch!
going in for the kiss (sawyer is 1)

kiss! (lol aidan's hair looks green from the leaf above sawyer's crib)
smooch! (sawyer is 1)

aidan apparently loves her birthday sister!
sisters. (sawyer is 1)

after we did aidan's hair for the day LOL
unimpressed with clippies.

videos: singing happy bday to sawyer until aidan jumps in, hurts herself, and then its all fixed by giving hugs and kisses to an unimpressed bday girl (excuse the towel on her floor lol i left it after bath last night)

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