Tuesday, August 25, 2009

playing catchup.

so today our wedding anniversary :) 2 years later and we are still as fun and in love as ever ;) EJ is out of town right now so we went out last saturday night. we had a ball in downtown mckinney - but i left the camera at home so we didnt have to think about taking pics :)

today i took the girls to the park. they were cranky. it was hot. i got a few pics.
sawyer grass

aidan grass3

aidan grass2

aidan grass1

aidan wanted to wear these to the park ;) i said no way.
aidan boots

yesterday i forgot to take pics until too late. but this is their fave toy right now. its a phone and you can leave messages. aidan's always sound like "HEY SAWYER!!! HEY HEY HEY!!!" really loud. but she's still surprised that her voice is in there.

EJ left on sunday afternoon so we had a lazy night. sawyer is playing with aidan's vtech laptop, but usually aidan doesn't let her ;) its actually such a great toy. aidan has learned to match letters and other fun things just by us playing with her on this. she gets so excited and says "i did it!!" every time she gets it right.
sawyer computer

and one of aidan sitting where she does not belong ;)
aidan couch

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