Monday, August 17, 2009

tent time.

today was drama filled LOL somehow, sawyer "supposedly" swallowed something small at the gym (lol did you see how i did that.... the alliteration.... huh? yeah?). they didnt know what it was or whatnot, but i ended up taking her to urgent care for a quick xray. they found nothing in her belly. sigh. nikki came over to play with aidan while i ran sawyer over there. she had so much fun with aunt "ee-ee" who "p'ayed wit meeee!!"

today aidan proves her addiction to band-aids. (she wears one on her wrist 90% of the time)
aidan after bath bandaid

annnnd i tried to brush her hair straight :)
aidan laugh

aidan sneaky

so, yesterday, EJ made the girls a tent with about 4 blankets, our couch, and a big gate. :) they all played in it and aidan ate some dinner ate there too.
eating in the tent

tent time

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