Thursday, October 1, 2009

moving in.

so we are getting comfy in the new house. here was aidan today - (after her nap in her crib, of course) playing in her big girl bed. hello, bedhead!!

aidan in bed1

aidan in bed2

aidan in bed3

aidan in bed4

aidan in bed5

and one in her crib before i got her out.
aidan pale

then we went and got sawyer - you can see she used to nom on her bed lol
sawyer crib1

and she was REALLY excited when i got a shirt on her.
sawyer crib2

yesterday sawyer made a mess with the cheerios. ;)
sawyer cheerios1

sawyer cheerios2

sawyer cheerios3

sawyer cheerios4

aaaand tuesday night - we had to transfer aidan's fish in a vase. he wasn't happy. he will have a new bowl tonight :)

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