Monday, October 5, 2009

one big yawn.

i am so TIRED! we made some headway this wkend on unpacking, but now we are all exhausted.

catching up with pics - here's one from thursday night ;)
aidan diaper head

friday - sigh, part of the garage. one day it will be all unpacked!
packed garage

saturday - aidan writing in her notebook
aidan writing

and sawyer's funny face :)
sawyer funny face

sunday - aidan helped EJ with the new gate for the bottom of the stairs.
aidan gate1

she didn't realize what it was until it was up. haha she kept saying "oh! for the dogs!" no, aidan - for YOU!
aidan gate2

so she got creative. and this is how she felt when i said no.
aidan gate3

oh aidan.
aidan gate4

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