Monday, November 2, 2009

the last of ToTing.

well here is catching up from the night of actual halloween :)

sawyer eating some crackers. she stayed with EJ as i took aidan ToTing.
sawyer cracker

aidan going from house to house! you can see in the background that some people got really into it lol


when it got dark, aidan said "i tired" and we went home to help EJ pass out candy. aidan waited by the door for ToTers :)

she put on her SB pj's and ate some candy too ;) every time someone came to the door she'd tell them "trick or treat!!" and then wave by to them 100x until they were already to the next house haha she had such a good time.


me and sawyer.

then yesterday - i tried to get a smile out of sawyer, but alas, i just got her stupid cheesy grin. haha
sawyer grin

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