Friday, November 6, 2009

lazy wkdays.

i realized after i edited some of these pics that we have a LOT of pics of sawyer in her highchair. i swear she (sometimes) does more than eat. but she is a photo hostage in her chair ;) she moves all the time.

sawyer highchair bw

aidan nkotb

sawyer silly

sawyer hairbrush

aidan aged color


  1. SUCH cute pics once again and I love the one of sawyer grinning from ear to ear! Okay so now I have a question... I was wondering what kind of camera you had and saw them on listed on your profile... is there one you use the most or one you recommend? Im no pro but I took a photography class in college and its something I would like to play with... what do I do? ha! thanks :)

  2. thank you :)

    and the main camera i use is my canon xsi. the others listed on there are my lenses.

    email me if you have any questions and i'll talk you to death about it ;) -

  3. haha okay great :) thanks so much... my hubby and I are thinking this might be a good xmas present for us to give "each other" this year... is this a good camera for starters?

  4. yes. its PERFECT for beginners. and to grow into! facebook me with any questions you have!