Thursday, December 24, 2009

almost christmas.

today we gave aidan and sawyer their kitchen :) we were going to give it to them in the morning, but we were worried that they'd never leave - and we were right. they LOVE it.
new kitchen1

new kitchen2

new kitchen3

new kitchen4

new kitchen5

new kitchen6

sawyer decided to plan in the dog's bowl before dinner.
water bowl1

water bowl2

water bowl3

water bowl4

water bowl5

and then they got into the cabinet. sigh.
kids in the cabinet2

kids in the cabinet1

sawyer in the cabinet

after dinner and bath, aidan and i cooked cookies for santa! :) we also got hot chocolate and set it out. yummm....
santa's cookies2

santa's cookies1

yesterday aidan was sassy and pooped out by the back door.
aidan pooped out

but she was in a better mood after naptime ;)
necklace shirt3

necklace shirt2

necklace shirt1

tuesday i got some silly pics of the girls (and some of aidan's bday presents)
playing with instruments

aidan boa2

aidan boa1

aidan's camera

monday - aidan's new shoes. thanks ashley!!
aidan sketchers

annnnd pics from the party on sunday. here are just a few (the rest are on FB). we had such a great time. thank you to everyone who came!!!

aidan's breakfast donut.
birthday donut

she needed to wake up a bit first haha
aidan party1

aidan party2

yay presents!
aidan party3

aidan party4

aidan party5

silly face!
aidan party6

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  1. adorable!! love your girls in the kitchen! Sawyer is starting to look more and more like Aidan!

    Merry Christmas!