Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas and after.

well christmas morning was gorgeous :)
xmas snow1

xmas snow2

i lazily did not take my camera out at my parents house (which btw was SO much fun. we had such a fantastic christmas. :) the girls are set for everything, EJ and i got great stuff, and it was delicious FOOD!!!) but i did take some pics when we got home.
sawyer juice sippy

little people table2

little people table1

yesterday sawyer played with a new puzzle.
sawyer xmas puzzle

today EJ and aidan played in their sleeping bags lol
daddy daughter sleeping bags

we also got aidan some headphones for when we go on our trip to DISNEY WORLD next month (uhhh thanks EJ for the BEST present EVER!)
DJ aidan2

DJ aidan1

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