Wednesday, December 2, 2009


busy week! must catch up.

thurs - helping with the tree after bathtime ;) (ok messing it up haha)
A and S tree

friday - xmas tree lighting
sawyer tree lighting

aidan tree lighting3

aidan tree lighting2

aidan tree lighting1

sat - weiiird, but yummy snack ;)

sunday - we took aidan's crib out and set up her new dollhouse!
aidans dollhouse

funny faces.
will work for cookies4

will work for cookies3

will work for cookies2

will work for cookies1

monday - EJ started my desk (a lot more to do still, but its useful so far!)

tues - aidan received a bite mark (or scratch maybe??) at the gym :( this is her tough face. sorry she's a mess after dinner lol
aidan bite2

aidan bite1

today - SNOW!!
aidan snow2

aidan snow1

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a bite mark...poor baby!

    I love looking at these photos of your kids. :)