Sunday, February 7, 2010

laughing and updated gameroom pics.

i set these this way ON PURPOSE lol

shut it.
laughing story board

her nutty hysteric face has me giggling, too.



and here is the gameroom now - with the kitchen. and with my backdrop stand (which i *usually* put away, but im too lazy right now haha)

oh and i still have NO IDEA why that rug is in there. it makes zero sense. but alas, i havent moved it.
gameroom updated1

gameroom update3

gameroom updated2


  1. now i'm jealous of your gameroom *and* your huge windows. ;-)

  2. haha thank you. i can't even consider the idea of curtains bc i open them for shoots. LOL so there they stay - bare and boring :)

  3. a game room with an expensive TV? Daring!!

    haha, ours is behind a barricade in our living room. Purchasing a stand tall enough for a play yard to block it was the best. decision. ever. :)

    Looks great!

  4. haha funny part is - they never touch it. ever. it was in our family room at the old house so maybe thats why (but it doesn't fit above the fireplace here ;) so we had to move it upstairs).