Thursday, February 11, 2010

more snow and the cookie thief.

aidan went out with EJ tonight and played in the snow when sawyer went to bed :)
snow 2010 evening1

snow 2010 evening2
snow 2010 evening3

aidan is not happy about wearing EJ's glove haha
snow 2010 evening4

EJ taught aidan to eat snow. lol sigh
snow 2010 evening5

moved to the front yard for a snowman!
snow 2010 evening6

ok. judge me. aidan doesn't have gloves and we could not get to the store today. i mean cmon - to use them.. ONCE?! so she improvised. with socks. LOL
snow 2010 evening7

snow 2010 evening8

snow 2010 evening9

<3 this pic. omg.
snow 2010 evening10

snow 2010 evening11

silly kids.
snow 2010 evening12

snow angels :)
snow 2010 evening13

snow 2010 evening14

and this is my cookie thief. she'd get up on the chair and i would take her down and move her.
cookie thief1

she'd get mad.
cookie thief3

and move it back.
cookie thief4

cookie thief5

and climb up again...
cookie thief6

cookie thief8

to be proud of herself :)
cookie thief7

cookie thief9

cookie thief2


  1. Ah like yer pickters.

    Seriously, the short one looks so ticked and determined when she's holding on to the chair. Awesome. lol


  2. hahaha thanks.

    that was about the 20th time i had moved the chair back. she was not a happy camper :)

  3. Those are awesome! Hate you for your snow, though.

  4. oh my goodness! the snow pictures are awesome! what fun memories and i love that you can see the snow flying.