Monday, February 22, 2010

sleepy head and poptarts.

yesterday i took TONS of pics :) just none of A or S ;) check my photoblog to see the 1st birthday shoot i did yesterday!

today, aidan has been so tired - she woke up too early and pooped out in the car this morning on the way to my dr appt. THEN when we got home, she took a nap.... in her closet....

ive already said she has close to 40 blankets i think. and id say 20 or more are in her closet lol so she got comfy -

asleep in closet1

then she heard my camera and looked up sleepily - but then went right back down haha
asleep in closet2

sawyer had 1/2 a poptart as a snack ;) she had pineapple afterward in case you are worried lol
poptart face5

poptart face8

poptart face7

poptart face6

poptart face4

poptart face3

poptart face2

LOL this pic makes me laugh bc of her face and the staticky hair.
poptart face1

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  1. So cute! I haven't tried pop tarts with Emily yet. I am sure she would love it though.

    Where did you get Sawyer's cute shirt?