Monday, February 8, 2010


happy day at home for sawyer ;) while aidan is at school.
pink flowers1

sigh. she has been a lefty for so long and now is a righty haha
pink flowers2

pink flowers3

pink flowers4

pink flowers5

pink flowers6

she wanted the marker back lol
pink flowers7

aidan came home and took a little nap (kinda) and then i took pics after i got her up.
polka dot pj's1

polka dot pj's2

polka dot pj's3

sawyer's so funny - when she sees this pic she says "yooooooooobaaaaa" (her version of "yooooooo gabba gabba!" lol)
polka dot pj's4

polka dot pj's5

polka dot pj's6

polka dot pj's7

polka dot pj's8

polka dot pj's9

then we got sawyer back up. and sawyer wanted to brush her teeth. haha



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