Wednesday, February 10, 2010

vday party, sisters, and 18 month appt.

yesterday we put together aidan's valentines for school :) they were princess ones (duh) and we put a sucker and a heart ring on them :)
vday party1

aidan this morning before school.
vday party2

vday party3

vday party4

vday party5

being silly with me at her school party haha
vday party6

aidan just adores this little boy :) you can tell by her face...
vday party7

another one of aidan's friends.
vday party8

sawyer had her 18 month well-check today. she just got her polio vax.

weight - 22.5lbs (22%)
height - 33" (86%)
head - 18" (60ish%)

before we left for the dr.
sawyer necklace shirt1

sawyer necklace shirt2

silly sisters4

silly sisters3

silly sisters2

this one's OOF, but i love sawyer's face saying "hey, get outta my shot!"
silly sisters1


  1. can i borrow sawyers shirt? b/c i LOVE it!

  2. haha yes.

    the funny part is that aidan wore this shirt last week. :)

  3. aidan and that little boy are sooo cute! you have some precious little girls -- i just can't get over it...their eyes, hair, and expressions kill me everytime. ;-)