Tuesday, March 30, 2010

aidan's hair and big girl sawyer.

i have a lot of days to catch up on :)

first of all - these are from last week sometime. gpa mark/lizabeth sent the girls easter bunnies and one of them was so funny. it flips and flops on its own and aidan was cracking up!!
so excited1

so excited2

so excited3

friday, sawyer was being motherly ;) she's getting so big. (and yes, dolls here are routinely nekkid lol)
big girl stuff1

big girl stuff2

and aidan got excited for bunny cookies!
bunny cookies

saturday, i took pics in downtown mckinney for an adorable pre-tween ;) check out them out HERE!

sunday, we played with chalk outside while EJ built their picnic table (which is now residing in my living room haha).

aidan made the face on the left. for some reason i think its so fabulous! :)
chalk faces

sawyer playing in her mismatched outfit ;)
big girl stuff3

monday: this is the progression of aidan's hair.

i have to comb through it first. she looks so young.
progression of hair1

progression of hair2

then we wet it - and put in product ;) much better.
progression of hair3

progression of hair4

progression of hair5

then it dries, she goes to school and looks like poop again haha
progression of hair6

sawyer chatting on her phone :)
big girl stuff4

today they were all smiles before we went to lunch with friends.

and the loves of my life. best friends.
best friends

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