Sunday, March 21, 2010

awkward/awesome weather.

if you go back on my blog... oh... a day or two? you'll see the fun things we did OUTSIDE when it was in the 70's!! :)

but uh, it snowed last night. about 6" here. so here are pics from today.

EJs old ski goggles.
march snow1

watching and waiting.
march snow2

march snow3

march snow4

"cmon guys! not funny!"
march snow5

here's what i love about kids - sawyer refused to wear her cute pink/purple winter hat. took it off 100x. BUT she would wear EJs old hat that the dogs have torn up. huh?
march snow6

march snow7

march snow8

and from last night - my new computer (in its holding place right now haha) and punky brewster the devil cat :)



  1. Love the kitty pic and omg, the pic of sawyer with the hat over her face is pure awesomeness :o)

  2. more snow!! I think officially you have gotten more snow in texas this year then I have in Canada. It's crazy!!