Tuesday, March 23, 2010

making easter eggs.

this morning i decided to head to the store to get stuff to dye easter eggs :) (oh, and that ugly table cloth LOL i didnt want them dying my table!!)

i got everything ready and we waited for the pellets to dissolve.
egg dying1

egg dying2

egg dying3

then i realized that this is going to ruin their clothes LOL so off came the shirts and aidan's hair went up.
egg dying5

egg dying4

egg dying6

sawyer did a good job for a while - but then wanted to drink the water sooooo i gave her a new project.
egg dying7

egg dying8

aidan was pretty patient ;)
egg dying9

sawyer was a silly face.
egg dying10

egg dying11

egg dying14

posing by her cup. with her "cheese" smile.
egg dying12

time for stickers!
egg dying13

our finished products haha
egg dying15

she loves them ;) thats what matters.
egg dying16

egg dying17

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  1. Oh wow, I love these Easter egg photos! =)