Thursday, March 18, 2010

this wkend we are buying a picnic table.

bc we need one. badly. we would have gotten one at the old house, but it wouldnt have been used as much as it would now :) so we'll be doing that tomo or this wkend :) yay!

on another note: the shirt aidan is wearing in today's pics is hilarious to me. we got it at target for like $4. it is the tackiest, most 80's looking shirt ever and she loves it. and so do i. i giggle when i look at it.

posing with her shirt.
cat shirt1

cat shirt2

cat shirt3

then we went outside. to practice light metering. haha
march 18th1

march 18th2

hey pretty.
march 18th3

march 18th4

march 18th5

march 18th6

march 18th7

i mean it when i say food goes everywhere with sawyer lol
march 18th8

march 18th9

march 18th10

march 18th11

annnnnd this is why we are buying a picnic table this wkend. aidan wanted to eat outside - so i brought out a tray and set up a chair. lol oh well.
march 18th12

some mac and cheeeese.
march 18th13

sawyer wanted to come out and play.
march 18th14

march 18th15

sawyer wanted some ice cream, but was so overtired, she wasn't even a happy eater! lol
march 18th16

march 18th17

march 18th18

now to yesterday -- where aidan changed during naptime into something more "her" LOL
crazy pjs

silly sawyer.
pizza face

then we went outside - more pics of the adorable skirt from Josie :)
march 17th1

march 17th2

evening mismatched kids.
march 17th3

march 17th4

march 17th5

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  1. those ice cream pictures are the saddest/cutest thing i've ever seen...