Monday, April 26, 2010

boogers and new clothes.

aidan seems to be getting a collection of these awesomely tacky shirts from target. after school she was giddy to see that we (my mom and i on our target trip this morning) found the puppy shirt! :)

purple puppy shirt1

we also found her tennis shoes - bc she has to have closed toed for school and, well, her new "flop flops" aren't cutting it on that front.
purple puppy shirt2

lol so happy!
purple puppy shirt3

purple puppy shirt4

A and S playing in the kitchen. :) i just love them.
kitchen hugs1

kitchen hugs2

aidan yesterday. 3 year olds are gross. lol

and this was in support for a very inspirational woman. you can read her story HERE and several people online took pics of candles to show our support and love.

ETA: and i totally forgot about these :) EJ took pics of me last week. here goes -
reese 37w3d1

reese 37w3d3

reese 37w3d6

reese 37w3d7

reese 37w3d8

reese 37w3d9

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