Wednesday, April 7, 2010

long week.

going alll the way back til last week ;)

friday: i hid candy up high so i couldn't get to it LOL (sorry so grainy - very dark)
hidden candy

saturday: maternity pics for joanna! yay! check out my photog blog :)

sunday: fun with a black hat.
black hat3

black hat2

black hat1

black hat

monday: my kids make me laugh.

funny giraffe

tuesday: this is what happens when you leave 3 year olds to their own devices when they should be napping... sigh.
messy room1

messy room2

messy room3

messy room4

and funny faces from sawyer ;)

lol NO she doesn't actually use this paci. but its so funny when she plays with it.



nilla wafers are gooood. (LR preset fun!)

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