Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 silly girls.

if youre wondering how easy/hard it is to take 3 under 4 somewhere -- i'll tell you: not bad. the "problem" is getting them in/out of the car. aidan can't buckle or unbuckle her own car seat (she can just do the chest strap) and she sits in the third row. basically i have to put reese in, push aidan to the back, and then put sawyer in. THEN go around through the TRUNK and reach around to lock aidan in :) ta-da!!!

yesterday, we took some pics in the gameroom. they were being silly faces ;)
tongue out

yelling is so fun ;)
sister scream1

last night at about 9pm i went in to check on aidan. she had changed. completely. LOL i turned on the lights and she was in this instead of PJs.
late night change1

she thought she was SO SILLY.
late night change2

whats the problem, mom?
late night change3

late night change4

today we tried YET AGAIN to get newborn pics of reese. i want her to sleep so bad ::cry:: but its like i get my camera out and she fights it. i have tried every trick: well fed, space heater, white noise, blah blah blah... but here's what we got today at 1 week old.


cross-eyed kissy face.

snug as a bug.


  1. Adorable new baby! & I definately see some Sawyer in her in the BW picture with her eyes closed! Beautiful girls you have!

  2. It took me 3 or 4 photo shoots to finally get Grady in a deep sleep. I just left everything out for a week ready for the perfect moment. He wasn't naked like I hoped but I guess you just have to do what works. However the awake pictures you have taken are adorable as is Reese!

    "Bumpie" mjcleve

  3. Such a gorgeous baby: awake or asleep!!