Wednesday, May 19, 2010

aidan's last day of school.

sigh - first year of preschool done :)

if you need a refresher -- here is my little love on her FIRST day of school :)

she has grown up a ton, obviously. and she loved every day of school. im so glad we found such a great place. next year she goes 3 days a week. and sawyer will start as well!

ok -- look how long her hair is!! haha this is combed out, but still. whoa.
last day of school1

she has her bathing suit on bc today was splash day/field day.
last day of school2

last day of school3

last day of school4

aidan and her best friend, alex :) the teachers said they hold hands around school lol
last day of school5

mrs. carey :)
last day of school6

mrs. jenn. this pic makes me laugh bc she LOVES jenn, but obvs not at this moment.
last day of school7

her new bubbles from her teachers.
aidan bubbles1

so she put on her suit and went outside.
aidan bubbles2

aidan bubbles3

aidan bubbles4

aidan bubbles5

aidan bubbles6

aidan bubbles7

i love this one.
aidan bubbles8

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