Saturday, May 15, 2010

dear reese.

i love you :)

without boring you - i figure i should write out the details of reese's arrival on may 11, 2010. ***which, btw, was my grandma marty's birthday. i could only wish that reese is like her.

it was her eviction date. LOL after 40wks, i went in at 6am to be induced. this is before.
reese NB1

reese NB2

we got everything hooked up and water broken by 7am. i started at about 2cm and 50% effaced (same as i had been the week before).

EJ got breakfast.
reese NB5

i did not.
reese NB6

i ended up getting an epidural a bit later. maybe 830am or so? bc, well, i felt like it and started to feel contractions. and we simply could not have that. ;) the epidural was my easiest so far. the other ones weren't "hard" at all, but this one i didnt even feel.

some pics of our set up.
reese NB7

reese NB8

time passed and reese's HR started to drop a bit bc of constant contractions. so they stopped them completely with a shot of terb. gah. and turned off the pit (which btw was low to begin with). reese bounce back completely, of course, and they turned the pit back on -- but only for a little bit. the dr was at the other hospital trying to deliver someone else, but she was taking too long. so we just let me progress on my own :) i watched some more tv, played on FB (lol), and tried to sleep until finally i was complete, the dr left the other woman who STILL had not delivered, and came over for me.

i pushed through 1 contraction, she was right there, so we didnt wait and just pushed her out 1 more time. ta-da!! 3:53pm -- here she IS! Reese Madeline.
reese NB9

reese NB10

the lips. lol (which the nurses commented on "OMG HER LIPS! gorgeous!" when she wasn't even ALL the way out haha
reese NB11

7lbs 10oz and 20". and perfect. she was able to just lay on my chest for about 5 mins before they took her to be cleaned up.
reese NB12

some detail shots.
reese NB13

reese NB14

lol her poor left foot print. she moved. haha
reese NB15

proud daddy with his third footprint shirt :)
reese NB16

reese NB17

my first "after birth" pic. i did good! woot!
reese NB18

im in love.
reese NB19

reese NB20

reese NB21

in love as well.
reese NB23

my parents brought up my other babies.
reese NB26

sawyer didnt know what to think lol
reese NB27

reese NB28

lol aidan.
reese NB32

day 1 is over. sleep baby.
reese NB35

the next day, aidan and my mom came up to visit during sawyer's naptime.
reese NB38

reese NB39

reese NB40

hanging out on us.
reese NB42

reese NB43

bow head.
reese NB44

hey pretty.
reese NB45

reese NB46

okay baby. go to sleep.
reese NB47

lol look at my tired eyes. this is leaving on day 3 :) she was/is a bit jaundiced. we left with her weight at 7lbs 2.5oz so that was good.
reese NB49

at home, aidan could not WAIT to have reese at least try the swing out. and there aidan perched.
reese NB51

sawyer came to check it out.
reese NB52

sawyer wanted so badly to hold her. "in my arms! on my lap!!" and she'd pat her lap lol
reese NB53

reese NB54

reese NB55

reese NB56

and this is *not* a grumpy face. she wants reese to lay "on my armsssss!!" and is showing us how she'd hold her. lol
reese NB57

reese NB58

yesterday -- reese laid with EJ while i relaxed. i (and everyone) originally said how much she looks like aidan.... but i see a lot of sawyer in her recently.
at home1

at home2

at home3

aidan held her hand.
at home4

at home5

today sawyer was a sassy face. and took a break from all this baby biz-ness to steal a snack and play with my cell ;)
princess butt2

princess butt1

why such a good sleeper all daaaay? lol maybe she was pooped out from running to costco. lets just say, its a *tiny* bit harder to get 3 kids into the car instead of 2 ;) but it was nice to get out of the house. i felt normal again. and we had so much fun as a family just running around that it makes everything perfect.
at home6

the whole flickr set to the first 3 days is HERE.

anyway, thats the story. and the past 5 days. we are in love. now its the 5 of us. and we could not be happier.


  1. Congrats again! Love it.

    PS IMO, Reese looks a lot like EJ:)

  2. Man at first i thought Reese was your mini-me, but now, she's all EJ! Craziness how much they change. Congrats! Once again yall have produced a gorgeous baby <3

  3. Oh how perfectly precious *sigh* I am jealous. congrats!

  4. She's gorgeous! You have a beautiful family :) Congrats!!

  5. congrats! you have a beautiful family :)

  6. OMG, she is such a beautiful baby, but I'm not surprised seeing how adorable both of her sisters are!

    And May 11th is a wonderful birthday! It was my due date. :) And I'm EXTREMELY jealous you pushed her out in TWO pushes? Seriously?! Sigh...three hours here. :P

    Keep up with all the wonderful pictures. I love your blog!


  7. Congrats! Thank you for sharing...and I love the pics of the girls with baby Reese.

  8. Loving your blog and all of its fabulous pictures! Your new follower from DAM ~ Terrah