Sunday, May 2, 2010

pink, black, and "noculars".

aidan playing with her school-made "noculars" yesterday. :) she loves to look for birds and bugs :) so she played while we cleaned out my car to move her carseat to the 3rd row to make room for reese :) aidan LOVES her new spot!




today i bought fresh pineapple and ate it LOL google that and labor to see why ;)

we also put up curtains in reese's room. i will get a tie/hook and tie them off to the sides :)
reese room1

reese room3

and her room letters are up. (the flash bounced off the curtain - hence the weird wall color lol)
reese room2

and this is the craft hanger thing from ikea! :) we put it up in the game room above the windows.
craft hanger

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