Friday, May 7, 2010

rose colored glasses and MSU shirts.

this morning we got up and dressed and headed out to get reese some blankets :) you may ask yourself: "um, blankets? don't you have at least 40 or so at your house already?" well, why yes i do. but they are claimed :) and reese needs her own.

so thanks to the fabulous people at EJ's work who threw him a baby shower yesterday, i had/have a target GC (one of my fave things in the world) and we spent some of it to get some cozy wraps. :)

this is before we left.

dora glasses

sisters may7

this is what we got :) so far. lol a big comfy one, 2 swaddlers, and 4 receivers. i couldn't find any more i liked!

THEN the doorbell rang, fedex came, and we got a package from g-pa mark and g-ma liz in oregon :) they kindly reminded us that baylor is not the only college out there LOL and that montana state bobcats could be in their future :)

aidan LOVED her new polo shirt. sawyer will have to wake up to get hers lol (and i'll get pics in the other shirts later!!)
MSU polo1

MSU polo2

MSU polo3

MSU polo4

thank you, guys!! :)

eta: the green shirt :) aidan was like "lets get sawyer! we match!!" lol and then went to wake her up.
MSU green

MSU green1

MSU green2

and this one just made me laugh.
MSU green3

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