Sunday, May 16, 2010

sleep, baby.

i tried to actually have a "newborn session" with reese today. she refused to sleep. lol

sawyer came and joined us as well. im glad she did :)

1 NB session1

1 NB session2

1 NB session3

1 NB session4

1 NB session5

oops. i forgot about her diaper. lol
1 NB session6

1 NB session7

1 NB session8

1 NB session9

tired -- but not sleeping ;)
1 NB session10

playing around in the gameroom.
rainbow hearts1

rainbow hearts2

sawyer doesn't understand that bed is a prop ;)
baby bed

i caught a couple while reese slept during dinner time.
rainbow hearts3

aaaackkkk! so sweet!
rainbow hearts4

A and S took a shower together tonight. aidan was uber annoyed when i tried to talk to her. lol
shower sideeye

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