Saturday, May 29, 2010

summer days.

ahhhhhh summer. :) here are some pics from today playing with bubbles.
5.29 bubbles1

5.29 bubbles2

5.29 bubbles3

5.29 bubbles4

5.29 bubbles5

5.29 bubbles6

5.29 bubbles7

5.29 bubbles8

5.29 bubbles9

5.29 bubbles10

5.29 bubbles11

5.29 bubbles12

uh-oh! she spilled! lol
5.29 bubbles13

5.29 bubbles14

5.29 bubbles15

5.29 bubbles16

5.29 bubbles17

aidan's footprints. my footprints.
5.29 bubbles18

hanging out with reese this afternoon.
5.29 w- reese 1

5.29 w- reese 2

5.29 w- reese 3

i let the girls feed reese a bottle 1x a day. they love it. breastfeeding or not, its important to me for them to have a part of it all :) and this is something they LOVE to help with.
5.29 w- reese 4

5.28 feeding R1

5.28 feeding R2

5.28 feeding R3

aidan's a little... well... she's a perfectionist. she lines up most everything. on friday she lined up cups in the kitchen. one cup in every square.
kitchen cups2

and then she said "now we pass through them." and walked back and forth. lol
kitchen cups1

thursday. aidan and her silly socks.