Tuesday, June 29, 2010

beginning of the 4th of july pics.

aidan 4th hair1

aidan 4th hair2

aidan 4th hair3

aidan 4th hair4

just showing off the curls ;)
aidan 4th hair5

aidan 4th hair6

aidan 4th hair7

aidan 4th hair8

aidan 4th hair9

aidan 4th hair10

aidan 4th hair11

check out what aidan had to say about this pic here.
aidan 4th hair12

just proving that reese doesn't *always* sleep like a weirdo.

sawyer can wear the "grrr" shirt too. lol
grrr shirt1

grrr shirt2

grrr shirt3

grrr shirt4


  1. OhMYLANTA. Aidan's hair is just TDF. I'm in love!

  2. haha thank you <3 sometimes im jealous of her. my blonde, thin, straight hair just doesn't cut it.

  3. Yeah, A is pretty much the quintessential adorable little toddler girl. Perfect curly red hair, big smiles? Too cute! (:

    S is just more and more adorable, and I can't believe she's almost two!

    Aaand lol, now that R is DEFINITELY not tan anymore, I think you can say she is now officially a member of your family!