Friday, June 11, 2010


sometimes i catch aidan in the silliest things. i put her to bed in 1 outfit and TA-DA! i'll get her up and she'll be in another. ;)

wednesday morning wakeup.
dressing herself1

"you left the remote in here, mom!!"
dressing herself2

dressing herself3

thursday sawyer looked cute. and she told me so as she said "cute!" when i put the skirt on her.
pretty skirt1

pretty skirt2

pretty skirt3

aidan woke up like this.
dressing herself5

annnnd i let aidan (who dressed herself in this NKOTB shirt) eat lunch in here. bc i wasn't in the mood to fight her.
dressing herself4

today we had major improvement!! aidan was wearing this when i got her this morning LOL i let her wear it all day. :)
dressing herself6

dressing herself7

dressing herself8

she had a funny nail apparently.
dressing herself9

today reese is 1 month :) i'll do official pics later. here's just one from this morning before the dr.

1 month tank

her dr appt was at noon. omg. so when we got home A and S were ready for nap.
ready for nap

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