Sunday, June 20, 2010

getting well and father's day.

yesterday i painted sawyer's toenails :) she was giggly. i figured since she was feeling a bit better that itd be a fun treat.

they are hardly professional on an almost 2 year old. look at her fatty feet :) its the only thing on her body thats chubby haha

feeling better1

feeling better2

feeling better.
feeling better3

feeling better4

her eye teeth are coming in. hence the finger munching lol
feeling better5

these are from yesterday outside after ice cream and the sprinkler haha this face is after they BOTH wanted on his back.
fathers day1

fathers day2

and today. happy father's day to the best dad around :) aidan wrote an A for her name. and that bumpy looking thing is a heart... love. (the toad part is bc the front of the card is a frog on a motorcycle LOL aidan thought i would be PERFECT!!)
fathers day3

reese chillaxin this morning while we all got ready
in our bed

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