Monday, June 7, 2010

hanging with friends.

yesterday was nikki's baby shower :)

thanks to Megan, owner of Black Flour, we had delicious (and, uh, gorgeous) cakes to eat.
baby shower1

baby shower3

wendy, rachel, my mom, and reese.
baby shower4

then i came home... to, uh, my kitchen like this. circuit boards, solder guns, computers... omg.
kitchen nerd

luckily EJs friend brought his daughter. annnnd nathan came over too. lol i think here, he is trying to explain to aidan why they should be friends.
with friends1

she gladly obliged.
with friends2

but would not take a pic with him lol
with friends3

except when borrowed to be in their family pic. LOL (ashley, or, well Lashley, is aidan's long time bestie haha)
with friends4

then they all joined in on the NERD in my kitchen. kill me. lol
with friends5

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