Sunday, June 20, 2010

new suits.

after nap today - the girls played in the pool with their new bathing suits.

new suits1

new suits2

new suits3

new suits4

new suits5

new suits6

new suits7

new suits8

new suits9

new suits10

new suits11


  1. omg, how cute are they?! i especially love the last one of aidan. (:

    also, i want more pics of reese! lol i can't believe i have to say that, but yes, more pics of R! and hey, you never did the newborn shoot with R and the etsy hats. lol what happened? ):

  2. haha R's head is too small for any of the newborn hats i have :( so i have to wait. lol

    and i KNOW, but she still sleeps ALL OF THE TIME. haha so i have to try to catch her when she's awake, but then she just wants to eat.... and then sleep.

    she's a party pooper. lol once she "wakes up" more you'll have to tell me to stop posting pics ;)