Saturday, June 5, 2010

pool, D-A-D, etc.

today we put in a new bookshelf for the living room, i took aidan and reese to a friends house :), and then we blew up the pool for the backyard for aidan and sawyer! whoa did they have fun...

oh and to answer your questions: yes, aidan has other bathing suits. no, she won't wear them unless this one is lost. lol

6.5.10 pool1

6.5.10 pool2

6.5.10 pool3

6.5.10 pool4

6.5.10 pool5

6.5.10 pool6

6.5.10 pool7

6.5.10 pool8

6.5.10 pool9

6.5.10 pool10

6.5.10 pool11

6.5.10 pool12

6.5.10 pool13

6.5.10 pool14

6.5.10 pool15

yesterday we got ready for father's day :) with some D-A-D pics!
dad pics-D1

dad pics-A

dad pics-D2

and 2 days ago, i didnt remember to upload these. i got this little birdhouse for aidan at joann's for $1. then i gave her some paint and said have fun. she did.



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