Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july part 2.

after dinner, we went outside for bomb pops. and to play with small little "fireworks" (aka sparklers, poppers, etc).

4th of july21

4th of july22

"CHEERS! here's to ya!!" (lol thanks mom)
4th of july23

4th of july24

lol oh aidan. for only 32lbs at 3.5 (and not really short at all), she still gets a big ol toddler belly after eating a big meal. so funny.
4th of july25

4th of july26

hugs! sawyer doesn't seem thrilled.
4th of july27

4th of july28

watching EJ with sparklers and stuff.
4th of july29

4th of july30

4th of july31

their personalities to a T.
4th of july32

lol omg. really, aidan?
4th of july33

4th of july34

haha happy again.
4th of july35

4th of july36

she took her sticky, popscicle covered hands to inside. you can see why that window is (constantly) dirty lol.
4th of july37

she came back out. and was scared again.
4th of july38

i REALLY wanted to take aidan to fireworks. aidan wouldnt even talk about it. she said she was scared and wanted to come home. so i decided i'd take sawyer! :) (it was a fail btw - not bc she was scared. but because we didnt even last UNTIL the fireworks started! haha)

only happy with my phone.
4th of july39

4th of july40

4th of july41

4th of july42

4th of july43

annnnnd now we have hit overtired. yahoo!
4th of july44

sorry this pic is OOF. i was holding her and trying to take it. but it fully gets her hair - which looks like this bc she took out her pony tail when we got there. "i did it!!"
4th of july45

annnnd back to the car. dont let the tint fool you. it was still light out. and you can see the debris that i couldnt shake out in her blanket from her throwing it down in tantrum form lol
4th of july46

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  1. Love the smoochy pic! Your girls are adorable!
    If it makes you feel any better, my 2 year old son is a big chicken too. He alternated between being scared of the fireworks and taking them on ("Go away!")