Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bloody noses and 2 month appt.

first of all, on sunday, i was able to take newborn pics of my niece, rylan :)

here is one.

check out HERE to see them all.

yesterday, aidan woke up from nap with a bloody nose. probably bc her room was dry? but i tossed her into the bath.
bloody nose1

bloody nose2

bloody nose3

she wanted a bandaid lol not that placed OVER the nose helps. ;)
bloody nose4

reese wanted to say hi :)


then A and S played outside. with their new silly bandz. lol
silly bandz1

silly bandz2

silly bandz3

silly bandz4

silly bandz5

today was reese's 2 month appt (she is 10 wks old)

height - 23" (64%)
weight - 9lbs 15oz (18%)
head - 15" (74%)

2 month appt day1

2 month appt day2

2 month appt day3

2 month appt day4

and here is AIDAN when she wore this outfit :)


and for fun - here is a video of sawyer from yesterday.

some background. she says "i love you" like the devil bc we do HIGH PITCHED then LOWWWW PITCHED when we say it ;) aidan started it and sawyer caught on. oh, and have fun with sawyer's serious/laugh faces.

and check out my other blog HERE for another video of the girls.


  1. i love her she is way precious

  2. Cute pics! The picture you labeled "This is when Aiden wore this outfit" is the same exact expression as your Faces pic you posted today. Ha! Cute cute!

  3. hahaha omg, ashley you are right. she hasn't changed a dang bit.

  4. I like the photo with the bandaid on her nose. Adorable.

  5. Some of the pictures you caught of your niece are amazing! I love, love, love #23 I think it is (where you caught a smile and she has the green flower on her head)!

  6. I loved the video! We have really been missing out with those, lol! I kindly demand you to post a LOT more of them. They are adorable. (:

    Also, I know you've mentioned it before, but S really *does* like her food and she is skinny as a rail!

  7. hahah yeah she eats all day and you can still see her ribs sometimes!

    and i decided im going to try to get at least 1 "talk with a kid" video a week. pictures are fun, but man - i really like having the video as well.