Friday, July 30, 2010

catching up before the wkend.

aaackkk!! i am gonna be busy this wkend with shoots and the party so here goes.

yesterday aidan had her "show" for VBS. can you find her? lol

after nap - she had, um, made a mess with her bazillion blankets.
messy bedroom1

messy bedroom2

we went downstairs to change diapers and have tummy time for reese.
living room floor1

tummy time

living room floor2

"hmmm what should i do?"
sawyer and reese floor1

"oh! hit sawyer!"
sawyer and reese floor2

today was sawyer's bday obviously ;) and here are pics when she got up. i can honestly say i have no idea whats on her shirt. i mean, i asked her. she said she burped. lol so it was obviously juicy. how gross is that? she's been fine all day so... anyway.

"are you suuure its my bday?"
birthday wakeup1

bye bye.
birthday wakeup2

birthday wakeup3

(and for giggles - here was aidan on HER 2nd bday. for comparison lol)

birthday wakeup4

they had a bath this morning. aidan had fun with empty soap lol
squirt bottle1

squirt bottle2

sisterly love. swoon.
couch love


  1. I love the sisterly love! Btw I think Aidan has more blankets than I own! Lol

  2. lol faren. we only let her PICK that many. i counted once and i think we got to about 40 blankets. ::faint:: thats just in her room/closet. she likes to be cozy ;)