Tuesday, July 6, 2010

diaper cream.

oops. i left it in aidan's room last night.
diaper cream1

diaper cream2

diaper cream3

diaper cream4

diaper cream5

diaper cream6

nothing a dawn dish soap bath cant fix :)


  1. Wow. That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Well, thank the lord for the dish soap then I guess! Lol my favorite was the one with all the miniature hands prints all over the wall.

    Quick question - is A potty trained yet?

  3. haha yeah, im just waiting for the smell to leave her room!

    and yeah she is 100% day trained (for about a year now). and 90% nap trained, but not 100% overnight trained. the bathroom is down the hall (past the gameroom and sawyer's room LOL) and i have not given her total access to all of that yet. that's something we are going to do starting this school year i think :)

  4. and wait lol

    in case anyone was confused... i dont NORMALLY bathe them in dawn ;) but it was rec'd to me after i posted on facebook that this shiz was NOT coming off with just water and normal bath soap.

    and whoa did it work. its good for animals in oil spills, right? ;)

  5. haha. The wall with the handprints looks like the acient cave art! awsome!

  6. Whoops!!! Super cute though and a good giggle. Oh, by the way, I changed my blog... it's http://oisme.blogspot.com. I'm also gonna be a better blog reader! :)

  7. haha! I love how you took time to catalog the experience via camera instead of running for wipes!

  8. hahah wipes wouldnt have done jack for it.

    i literally walked into her room. snickered. then said "wait right here" then came back with my camera. THEN took her to the gameroom for better light. THEN gave her a bath. lol