Thursday, July 1, 2010

feeding the cat and wake up trouble.

this morning i asked sawyer to feed the cat. lol
cat food1

aidan said she'd help.
cat food2

sawyer didnt want aidan's help.
cat food3

but eventually said okay.
cat food4

aidan made a mess.
cat food5

sawyer showed punky :)
cat food6

and then sawyer didnt know what to do about the mess. lol aidan said the dogs will eat it. ;)
cat food7

yesterday i took pics after nap.
polka dot tank1

polka dot tank2

i told aidan that nathan and ashley were coming over later. "that make me soooo happy!!"
polka dot tank3

polka dot tank4

when we went to get sawyer, i heard her talking so i stuck my camera in without her seeing me. lol
shirt trouble1

she, uh, had a wardrobe malfunction.
shirt trouble2

shirt trouble3

shirt trouble4


  1. Your girls are soo adorable - I can't help but be excited about being a mom. You make it look so easy (I know that's not always the case), but I hope to be as blessed as you've been in the children department!

  2. thank you so very very much <3

    and you will be the best momma. just start making babies pleeeease :) we. want. pics. LOL

  3. I love this! they are so cute

  4. Im so glad to see that Rachel is not the only one to do that with her clothes.

  5. these are GREAT!! i love the sequence of feeding the cat and the bedhead! DIE!