Sunday, July 11, 2010

free slurpee day.

i need to make sure i get mine :)

and its also reese's 2 month birthday! i decided i don't want to do chair pics every month LOL bc she doesn't grow that much. so i'll do the next ones at 3 months or so :)

but i did get these today.
2 months1

2 months2

2 months3

2 months4

2 months5

2 months6

lol looks like she's redhead #3 ;)

sawyer at lunch today.
tutu and nuggets1

tutu and nuggets2

aidan's hair bun.
hair bun1

hair bun2


  1. Before I saw your comment I was going to say, "Looks like redhead #3!" My MIL is jealous. ;)

  2. Your girls are gorgeous!Love the
    2nd to last shot of Reese. Beautiful smile.

  3. Oh my goodness, Reese is looking adorable! Love that outfit!

  4. thank you guys :)

    and jess, LOL, you need 1 redhead!

  5. Yes, that itsy-bitsy little bit of peach fuzz on the top of her head is def. red, LOL. (: Sooo damn adorable, all of them!

  6. Love your girls! That is all. ;)